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Kindle version of Roads Were Not Built For Cars


The Kindle version of the book – available on Amazon – has a great many illustrations, zoomable text, and has the same 170,000 words as the print book.

2 thoughts on “Kindle version of Roads Were Not Built For Cars

  1. NeilT / Reply January 1, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Sadly, your pricing structure makes it unlikely I will purchase. As someone who doesn’t use Apple products, I need a Kindle version but the Amazon price is ridiculous for a low resolution version.

    • carltonreid / Reply January 1, 2015 at 7:18 pm

      Long-form history books on under explored subjects tend to be sold at higher prices than, say, ten to a penny novellas because (a) a lot more work goes into them, and (b) due to the subject matter, the target market is small, and fewer books will be sold.

      So far, price seems to have little impact on sales. During online price-reducing promotions (on Gumroad) sales have stayed at roughly the same level no matter whether the price has been high or low.

      Across all channels, the price has changed a number of times, yet demand has stayed roughly constant. As you’d expect, sales were greatest during the initial availability. Now, demand increases when there are reviews of the book – for instance, in The Guardian.

      Would I sell more books if the price were lower? A few, perhaps, but it’s not the expense that is stopping most people it’s lack of interest in the subject matter. I buy lots of books on Amazon, including for Kindle. When a book has pertinent subject matter that can’t be bought elsewhere (I have recently bought quite a few specialist biographies that fit into this category) a high price is no barrier. That’s not because I’m rich, it’s because I value the information.

      My book has info in it that’s not anywhere else (as many of the expert reviews attest) and sales stats show me that many people are paying for it. That you haven’t been convinced may mean you feel the information contained in the book isn’t of high enough value to you. That’s capitalism for you.

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