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Bicyclists: watch out for “stupid people”, 1878

From The Times, London, 5th September 1878

“The bicycle has come to the front, and is fighting for existence. Dimly prefigured in the mythical centaur…the bicycle has now surmounted the difficulties of construction, and adapted itself to human capabilities it augments at least threefold the locomotive power of an ordinary man. A bicyclist can perform…a daily journey to and fro between London and the distant suburbs with just the usual results of moderate exercise.

“[But] the bicyclist will have to submit to the same rules as all others enjoying some advantage over foot passengers. He will have to use bells when required…He will have to use his eyes. Above all, he will have to bear in mind that in every thoroughfare, at almost any hour of the day, there will be a large proportion of stupid people, and a not very small proportion of people a little the worse for drink.”

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