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“Copenhagen swarms with riders during all hours of the day”

CyclingScandanavia19Feb1897TheWheelUSA“No other country has done more for the pleasure and comfort of its wheelmen than Denmark,” said a news piece in The Wheel for February 19th 1897. The American magazine was quoting from an earlier editorial in the New York Sun.

“The construction of pavements takes in consideration what best can serve the interests of cyclists,” added The Wheel. And by pavement it meant ‘road’, the British use of the word pavement for ‘sidewalk’ is apt to confuse.

The magazine continued:

“Cycle paths are provided near all cities, in some instances leading miles away from town into country. The most scrupulous care is taken of the paths, insuring safety to both rider and wheel. Of late years taverns devoted to the special care of wheelmen have spring into existence…

“The Danish farmer has attained international renown for the excellence of his butter, but the chances are that he will soon win fame as an expert on the wheel. It is remarkable, the avidity with which the Scandinavian country folks seized upon the bicycle when its price made it possible to be within their reach.”

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