Full text for the book

Paperback cover for Roads Were Not Built For Cars

Over the next few months every single word (all 170,000 of them) and every single chapter of Roads Were Not Built For Cars will be uploaded here, for free, in rotation. Please consider buying the book – it is available in a number of paid-for formats: print , iPad, Kindle and ePub. Note: the second edition print versions – softback and hardback – are available from book stores via Island Press.

Bookmark this page and revisit regularly to see the latest chapter (which not be uploaded in chronological order). Each week a new chapter will be uploaded, and the current one taken down. When every chapter has been online for at least a week a full PDF of the book will be uploaded and stored here in perpetuity. This PDF will have been stripped of all illustrations and in their place will be adverts from select brands.

The notes for the book are already online. Neither the book’s fantastic index nor the lavish colour-plate section will be uploaded.



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