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Lorries should have alternative roads in cities, says MP (in 1913)

John_Burns“I believe that in certain towns and cities where the trade and commerce demand it, we shall have to make secondary and alternative roads for trade and commercial vehicles alone if the public is to be protected from the risks and dangers that too often ensue.

“The public have a right to be protected from needless risk and intolerable danger…

“This Road Congress should sincerely appeal to every motorist, and every person who is in command and charge either of the bicycle, motor-cycle or commercial lorry, motor ‘bus or a taxicab – I do appeal to them to show, in the most sportsmanlike way the spirit of the road, the true spirit of the road, that is, the inherent right of everyone to the road…and in the travelling they undertake, [show] greater regard for some people than motorists are inclined to show.”

John Burns, MP, president of the Local Government Board, speaking at the banquet ending the third Permanent International Association Road Congress, June 23rd 1913, London.

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