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“The motorist nearly always resents delay…”, 1907 motor-car touring advice

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“There are many excellent guide and road books already in existence, but few of these have been issued since touring in motor-cars has become general, and therefore they often lack the special points which are useful in a new form of travelling…The pedestrian and cyclist often welcome a stop for a moment or two at a point where two roads meet, not only in order to leisurely consult their route book but to rest awhile…The motorist nearly always resents delay. When faced by two roads he sometimes, indeed, prefers to take one at random rather than stop his career even for the brief moment necessary to carefully examine a direction-post or make an enquiry. I do not say that such haste and hurry is in any way admirable, but it must be reckoned with in the guide books of the future.”

Preface from The Road Made Easy with Picture and Pen by Claude Johnson, 1907

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