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I expect these $1 silk cycling caps are sold out by now…

Pity.* They look cute. But maybe you need the waxed ‘tache to truly make the look work for you? The 25 cent cotton caps – and the more expensive silk ones beneath – were advertised for sale in an 1889 edition of Bicycling World, the weekly magazine of the League of American Wheelmen. Interesting spread of colours. Perhaps somebody will use their mad Photoshop skillz to colour them in? (The caps, not the ‘taches).

Bicycle caps 1889

* Don’t go sending in your 25¢ or dollars to Ira Perago of New York. The long-established company went pop in 1894 (and just before the ‘bicycling boom’). Here’s a news report from the New York Times, 7th August 1894.


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