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Tweed Run, Detroit, 1899

Thanks to Todd over at for the heads-up on this footage, shot in 1899, at a factory in downtown Detroit. This was before Detroit became Motor City. In fact, Detroit was at the epicentre of the bicyclist-led Good Roads movement in the US, a subject I’m researching for ‘Roads Were Not Built For Cars’.


The book – due in April 2012 – focusses on the period 1880-1905, which saw the Bicycling Boom and then – pop – the start of Motoring Mania.

You can learn more about this e-book in the eight-page pitch below. Click to open the book in page-turning mode. (If you’re accessing this site from an iPad, you’ll see a big white gap, click on the iPad-specific link instead). The e-book will be free: it’s paid for by grants and advertising from bike companies. If you want to get updates on the book, pop your email in the sidebar box on the right.

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